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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Mar 08, 2009 - Mar 14, 2009

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My old little Chii Nendoroid ^^ made with a bootleg Al Azif Nendoroid

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wow! love it =)
Vor 9 Jahren
So Cute :D Nice ^^
Vor 9 Jahren
She's very cute ^^ nice done!
Vor 9 Jahren
Ilvias adorable little doll
Congratulations^^ she is so cute!
Vor 10 Jahren
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
Singer_Yuna is my secretary and she looks after all her money which is really mine. xD
Vor 11 Jahren
Thanks for the comments xD
i will send you a note, Lenneth ^^
Vor 11 Jahren
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
We are paying her for her hard work. 'We' in this case is you, yourself and you-na. LOL xDDDD

Mako-chan is kind. She's just as kind as Yuna. tee hee

Those are really good ideas for a self-made Lenneth nendo. ah, it is making me want to make one now!! So many nendos though. :o

How about for KOS-MOS' hair, take it from Nagi. It is the right colour and has the white band. It is short of the visor but that could be added. ^_^
Vor 11 Jahren
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
Well...Mako-chan is a awarded modder girl (proof PICTURE #4324 ) so we should pay it for her originality xD
She is a kind girl who dont mind to give us tips for modding, she is so sweet!
About Lenneth nendo...maybe I can give my nendo vision:
Drossel headpiece+Lily gloves+priecia skirt+Saber-Konata legs or Lily legs. but the Lenneth head...uhm...maybe Sakuras from penguin musume with the headpiece covering her front hair...

Aw...what head should I try to destroy for modding a KOS-MOS nendo...any suggestions Mako-chan? Any fake nendo?Al azif is a choice...but not so close...uhm...uhm...shanas hair? how difficult!
Vor 11 Jahren
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
Pay? I thought you were shouting me Yuna. Isn't it your turn? xDDDD

Exelica would work well for KOS-MOS. For Lenneth I've been thinking of Drossel's headpiece (you know the one I'm talking about xDDD) and Saber Lilly's gloves, dress and boots. I'm not sure about the chestpeice but I'm certain Mako-chan would have no trouble whipping up something. Mako-chan? ^____^
Vor 11 Jahren
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
LennethWe didn't want Mako-chan to be inundated with requests for figures, that is why. Speaking of we (that's me, myself and I ), where's my Lenneth, Mako-chan? xDDDDDlol dont ambush her like that!! where is my KOS-MOS? Lenneth and I are good-payers xDD
Nah...armours are difficult...I wonder what head to choose (fake nendo head) for KOS-MOS head...the only part Ill mod...Exelica's body is already fine ^^
Vor 11 Jahren
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