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    Jan 30, 2012

Über dieses Bild

For my contest entry, I decided to pay a small tribute to one of my all-time favorite 4koma (and one of my favorite manga of any kind), Azumanga Daioh :D

Post-production work done in iPhoto, Pixelmator, Sketchbook Pro, and Pixelmator again.

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Thanks for entering the contest!

Vor 8 Jahren
Hahaha, you can't go wrong with AzuDai references.
Vor 8 Jahren
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Thanks for all the comments, faves, and ratings :D
Vor 8 Jahren
Haha great idea! ^__^
Love Osaka. <3
Vor 8 Jahren
twintails :)
Vor 8 Jahren
This is genius XDDDD
Vor 8 Jahren
Ah Azumanga Daioh an oldie but my favorite. We need more integration like this now a days.
Vor 8 Jahren
xDDD awesome! xD
Vor 8 Jahren
ahahha yeah just like with Chiyo : D

@optimisticpengui I dont think that Azumanga is a girly anime ;D its for all audiences
Vor 8 Jahren
hahahaha classic Osaka, I love Azumanga one of first girly anime's I watched :P
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