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    Dec 03, 2009
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    Nov 29, 2009 - Dec 05, 2009

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Ohmy, the colors are so beautiful!
Vor 9 Jahren
Very Nice!
Vor 9 Jahren
The color is beautiful, I really like it!
Vor 9 Jahren
these are some nice curves *.*
Vor 9 Jahren
cant find the words..... but believe me its great.
Vor 10 Jahren
Thank you very much guys... :)
Vor 10 Jahren
This is so nice~! Wonderful shot~! ^^
Vor 10 Jahren
blueboy an enigma, now & forever
the way you've captured her, she almost looks like an entirely different fig.

great job.
Vor 10 Jahren
negativezero Making Room
Saw this on the front page, and had to click, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT, great job!

GIVE ME MORE, Do you have a Blog!? Did I mention I love this photo?
Vor 10 Jahren
Nicely done! this image is superb. great color alterations, the customization you've done to this pic really catapults the quality of this figure
Vor 10 Jahren
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