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    Jan 15, 2009

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My two favourite Ikki Tousen girls! How nice that Alter exactly made those two ^^ .

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You mean the big ones? This are just glass diamonds for decoration ;) . Found them on eBay ^^ .
Vor 12 Jahren
What are the crystal's called?
I would like to buy some myself.
Vor 12 Jahren
That was my thougt, too! Okay, I would have nothing against it if Alter would do a nice Sonsaku or Chouei but I really prefer this girls ^^ .
Vor 12 Jahren
Nice arrangement. Sometimes less figures is more beauty.
Vor 12 Jahren
THAT stone troubles you? Hey, you placed him there ^^ . Okay, he is moving on his own if you show him your back but I guess that is not so important *g*.
Vor 12 Jahren
But that one stone on the left troubles me ^^.
Vor 12 Jahren
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