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Über dieses Bild

The actual figures are like night and day.
The bootleg is very washed out.
On the original, the eyes and iris fade into a nice gradient.
The bootleg its iris sticks out a lot.
The quality of the blobs is obvious I guess.
And with all bootlegs, face isn't matte, base isn't as clear as the original and has no original copyright on it. Just made in china.
Well, that's one thing they can't lie about!

Finally, if you actually own the bootleg.
She falls apart fast. Especially the ribbons and helmet.

For a full comparison,
Click here to read & see.

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Hm liked the pic in the full comparison when the bootleg takes a run for it :D masterfull done /3
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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