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    Aug 19, 2011
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    Aug 14, 2011 - Aug 20, 2011

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ahha cute!
Vor 7 Jahren
wonderful positon!
Great idea~~
Vor 8 Jahren
One of the best pics I've seen here!!
Vor 8 Jahren
Well done!
Vor 9 Jahren
How tragic...
Vor 9 Jahren
nice pic i love the way louise looks so disepointed that her ice scream fell poor girl
Vor 9 Jahren
excellent composition!
Vor 9 Jahren
ciro22Genial la foto, el mometo cucurucho esta muy bien.je,je,je,je.

Si, el momento cucurucho es un puntazo XD.
Vor 9 Jahren
Poor Louise!!! ;A;
Vor 9 Jahren
VamppyThat is so funny! ^^
I can empathize with the crying one.
Because each person in his/her life has lost one or more ice-cream balls on the ground or sand as a child! ;o)
The little ice cream booth is so cute, especially the mini ice-cream cones!
Where did you get that?

the cones with paper and the ice-cream with bread crumbs painted
Vor 9 Jahren