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    Dec 24, 2019

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When bae said she will drive after you and her had an argument.

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Ah ah !! Very great work and pic !!! I love it !! xD <3
Vor 9 Monaten
Stop with the cuteness! I love them both so much! They look so adorable! I crii
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naofumi: where do you want to go eat
raph: i don't know!!
naofumi: what about sushi
raph: (ಠ ∩ಠ) that's not what i wanted
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That is insanely cute. Thank you for sharing.
Vor 9 Monaten
They gotta get home tonight so they can enjoy Christmas morning.
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GOD1Vor 9 Monaten#72595379you're missing filo-chan :))
She's the reindeer
Vor 9 Monaten
you're missing filo-chan :))
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