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    Jun 24, 2019
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    Jun 23, 2019 - Jun 29, 2019

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Made an outdoor beach deck platform for summer beach shoots. I thought of doing a re-shoot of Tamamo from last year, since I felt like I didn't do justice for her beach shoot.

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Its amazing, I love this picture and the setup a lot! NICE JOB! <3
Vor 1 Jahr
love it
Vor 1 Jahr
wow, now I wanna go to the beach. beautiful photo that full of summer vibes. thank you for sharing!
Vor 1 Jahr
High deserved POTD *__*
Vor 1 Jahr
Hot babe spotted xD.
Vor 1 Jahr
Wonderful Setup!
Vor 1 Jahr
Catalyst for FGO Summer 2019 ( */\*)
Vor 1 Jahr
Summer is here~ Great photo!
Vor 1 Jahr
Need more!
Vor 1 Jahr
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