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    Jun 01, 2019
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    May 26, 2019 - Jun 01, 2019

Über dieses Bild


Akemi Homura, shot outdoors during sunset, and a night sky was also photographed and combined into the shot. A composite image. Everything in the photo is real. Read more below:

Tutorial Part 1: BLOG #42894
Tutorial Part 2: BLOG #42895
Editing Process (video): www.youtube.com...

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Kommentare15 Kommentare

Amazing <3
Vor 11 Monaten
I love it; it gives off an epic "guardian against the darkness/evil" or "hero watching over the world" feeling.
Vor 1 Jahr
Thanks for posting the tutorials! I'm a beginner at taking night sky photos myself, so I appreciate the work you put into this.
Vor 1 Jahr
I just loved how mature you are, aaaa!
Also, I really liked the photo the way you did it, that's why you won as picture of the week! Congrats~
EXkuroganeVor 1 Jahr#60516895https://media1.tenor.com/images/4ec2a04fd4553fd23d4742108889037c/tenor.gif
My goals here aren't to impress you (or any other expert landscape photographers for the matter). I'm thinking about everyone else here in this site. I'm responding to a request made to me in my Facebook page months ago, to do something like this and write about it. If people ask for it, I'll do the best I can to cater.
I'm aware of deep sky stacking but decided to omit it, or risk making my tutorial too lengthy and technical for beginners to understand. I was even factoring in focus stacking (I do it regularly for my diorama shots) to improve texture and detail, but for the same reason I didn't do it. I just want to cover the basics, on what you should look out for and prepare, to the editing process you are expected to do to produce something similar. If they are interested in learning more, there are better resources online to learn from.
A strong composition and colors alone beats the importance of image quality when you are catering to the masses instead of trying to impress professionals or pixel peepers. That's why people are so easily impressed by smartphone photos nowadays.
Rest assured that I have a diorama project in this month to back things up. If this photo managed to annoy you I suppose that I've achieved one of my goals.
Vor 1 Jahr
This one deserves all the love <3 <3 <3
Vor 1 Jahr
Amaziiing pic !!! *o* You are an artist !!! *_*
Vor 1 Jahr
is... is this supposed to be constructive criticism? jeez
Vor 1 Jahr
Simply amazing!!! The most talented figure photog ever!
Vor 1 Jahr
This guy is right
Vor 1 Jahr
Just simply beautiful~!
Vor 1 Jahr