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    Mar 20, 2019

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HalFlameVVor 1 Jahr#54864639DAYUUM that figure is BIG!!!

Most of my figures are in Ikea Billy's. She is too big and heavy to fit in them. I had to modify an Ikea Kullen to make a special case for her.
Vor 1 Jahr
DAYUUM that figure is BIG!!!
Vor 1 Jahr
D.va statue is gorgeous <3 : 3
Vor 1 Jahr
Nice! <3
Vor 1 Jahr
Great pic !!! :D
Vor 1 Jahr
D.Va and her M.E.K.A. like the Austin Powers movies so much they decided to have their own Mini-Me.
Vor 1 Jahr
Love it!
Vor 1 Jahr
Import from Japan

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