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Konosuba Ladies Night

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("I luv Kashhhuuummaa buh heh dussn't luuk at meh lyke uh wooman" - cried Megumin -Hic- "Jussst do whaaat I do! Let's drink some more! Screw Kazuma and his smol penis! Let's have a ladiessss night!!" - Aqua suggested "YUR RITE! GIMMIE TAT BEER!" - Exclaimed Megumin

It's gonna be a long night. Just wait til Kazuma gets home...)

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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
That cat on the counter is a nice touch.

It's nice seeing Aqua having fun instead of being made fun of Haha

I'm craving for a Jack and coke now.
Vor 7 Stunden
Yup! I share my work everywhere. This is also a great site for keeping track of my collection and hunting some rare stuff.
Vor 4 Tagen
Nice didn't know you had a profile here. We talked on Instagram.
Vor 4 Tagen