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Friendship and Purity!
Yamato- LIST #89469
Mimi- LIST #89472
Update from - picture/2021518...

Only position Metalgarurumon fits in, but I see this area from every angle throughout the day so it's no issue. Couldn't put Yamato in his designated spot or he would have looked straight to the right, but I don't think this looks unnatural at all! RIP the symmetry of it all I liked so much tho lol.

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AkibaMelonVor 1 Jahr#50490617snip
Thank you! ;; ♡ Digimon is such a cute colorful collection by nature so I really like my decision to emphasize it a bit more with the picture frames etc. as well! ♡
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Stunning! From my experience Digimon merch is so hard to come by, which makes your collection even more awesome! Very cute display as well <3
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