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    Sep 06, 2018
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Aqua’s ice cream on the 50th pic of the day special

Hey guys, I made this commemorative pic for my 50th POD.
First I’d like to thank all the support you gave me in all this 2 years that I’m in this community.
To celebrate that I give you this pic with everything everyone loves: bullying with Aqua xD

I thank goldfries sempai for the inspiration to freeze my Aqua xD

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Wow, very talented photographer. Great composition and ideas.
Vor 3 Monaten
reminds me of fancy gelatin, with pretty shapes inside.

looks great! ice so smoooooth
Vor 5 Monaten
You froze a nendoroid? Ballsy...
Vor 1 Jahr
Woah hahaha this is so funny! Love it. Can't believe someone actually gets the idea of freezing a figure. Like... your mind is TWISTED!
Vor 1 Jahr
Bruh, you actually froze your figure, and I commend you for that. If it's edited, then it's extremely believable.
Vor 1 Jahr
Mr5oupVor 2 Jahren#39837165WOW! This is a great picture! Nice way to celebrate your 50th POD.
thannks *-*

ChocolateSpiderVor 2 Jahren#39878018Bullying Aqua just never gets old. XD
haha, maybe my favorite hobbie xD

CosmosVor 2 Jahren#39917294isso que dá ensinar execução aurora pro Kirby xD
ahahaha me pergunto se vai ter casa de livra depois xD
Vor 2 Jahren
goldfriesVor 2 Jahren#39772862Glad to know people remember and got inspired by my photo from laat year. :D

not only this, but other excellent ideas of yours, senpai

HeldrikVor 2 Jahren#39806922I guess Aqua knows how to keep a cool head.

This is her secret, she's always with the brain frozen.
KingSabahVor 2 Jahren#39831553Super cute! Makes me regret not picking up an Aqua of my own at a convention ;w;
omg get one, friend, and the best nendoroid ever xD

ddarkoVor 2 Jahren#39835225Woah!! Did you actually put her on ice? :) Very cool pic either way!! :)
Yes, I left a frozen day, it does not damage anything, and thank you very much.
Vor 2 Jahren
isso que dá ensinar execução aurora pro Kirby xD
Vor 2 Jahren
Bullying Aqua just never gets old. XD
Vor 2 Jahren
WOW! This is a great picture! Nice way to celebrate your 50th POD.
Vor 2 Jahren