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I kinda feel like Usagi should be blurry out cause there was a point where He hung out with Rei. Even Chibiusa felt it was wrong to be with him and Rei. But I kinda feel like it wouldn’t be as funny though.
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Someone's in trouble!
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well done!
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I showed it to my mom who knows nothing of anime but knows this meme and recognized it right away.

I love it, it's just perfect. From the characters up to the background.
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Well memed
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Hahaha, so funny! :)
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Nice work! I just love memes :).

A possible caption:

Mamoru: Damn, Mars is looking good.
Usagi: Eyes forward jerk! In the name of the moon, I'm gonna kick your tuxedo-wearin' ass!
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I've never seen sailor moon but i love this meme, simply amazing!!
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Awesome pic it make me chuckle. One of my favorite

DarkMagicianVor 1 Jahr#39532388Wish the other figure wasn't blurry but this still got me lol 8 / 10

Well from this perspective and this position it has to be blurry.
And like the creator said it’s based on a meme from a Stockphoto
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