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not pictured: larger items, namely my mion dakimakura cover, keimii tapestry and mion, shion and rena pillow. close-ups: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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its nice to see these series getting love! I remember I freaked out when I found an umineko keyring gatcha in japan and ended up pulling beatrice. I know how awkward it can be to find some of the 7th expansion stuff so its a great collection!
Vor 1 Jahr
This is an amazing Higurashi collection! I love how you have it all set up as well!
Vor 1 Jahr
RKTVor 1 Jahr#38813633What's the box on the 2nd shelf from the bottom?:O
i have two boxes to hold the manga down there, they're illustrated on all sides by the various higurashi mangaka! they're lovely but made to hold the japanese volumes and don't fit the differently-sized western ones so i have all the random side arcs and so on that i've accumulated in them.
Vor 1 Jahr
What's the box on the 2nd shelf from the bottom?:O
Vor 1 Jahr
PVC anime figure store.

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