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Über dieses Bild

Cutdown quite a bit from the original artwork to show ony the character in question for the figure:
Source is the To love-Ru Darkness Harem Gold Artbook.

Original artist Kentaro Yabuki of course.

The illustration has been edited to remove the other characters and background and as much of Konjiki No Yami as possible. This shows just Mikan with just a trace of Yami left (some hair and part of the hat) as to not cut into the rest of the illustration of Mikan.
The changes are believed to be transformative in nature, and thus Fair Use.

The art is more of a inspiration for the figure than a 1:1 representation of it, the Yami Figure inspired by the full illustration changes Yami's pose quite a bit as well.
Art inculded here as a showing of what the paintwork coloring will probably try to achieve.

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