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    Jul 29, 2018

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My entry for Tokyo Otaku Mode's #OtakuRoom contest!

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RoyDilanCastlerVor 11 Monaten#68605420This room is wonderful! Looks like it could host many cozy afternoons. I especially love the dollhouse. Where is that from?
Sorry for the late reply - but my grandfather built it for my mother who then gave it to me! I think it was a "mail order" dollhouse from a catalogue, but I know Hobby Lobby and other hobby stores sell similar ones :)
Vor 8 Monaten
This room is wonderful! Looks like it could host many cozy afternoons. I especially love the dollhouse. Where is that from?
Vor 11 Monaten
Oh nooooo now I high-key want to re-decorate!!! This is so beautiful!!!
Vor 1 Jahr
This is soooooo nice <3 literally goals
Vor 2 Jahren
can i live here :D
Vor 2 Jahren
AimathystVor 2 Jahren#38087183Thanks so very much! <3 that pink fat sheep is one of my favorite plushies, I actually got it at a Walgreens during Easter xD I regret not getting the blue and white ones they had, as well! ;^;

You just made me so excited for next easter. I actually dont wander into that store, so i am very happy for your sharing! I always assume things are from one of those hard to get arcade only prizes. Its so cute. I think it would make a great gift. Thank you. Goodluck with your entry! :3
Vor 2 Jahren
BlueFlameParfait ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♪
!! It's like a dream! It's so beautiful!
Vor 2 Jahren
What a beautiful room! I love, love, love rooms that look like they belong in magazines, but instead of generic catalog trinkets, the art/furniture/etc is based on fandom or collections - especially in pink. It's one thousand times more personal, and it makes chatting so much easier when you're a guest.
Vor 2 Jahren
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
AimathystVor 2 Jahren#38087144That’s such a wonderful compliment, thank you! ;v; <3 and I’m certain your space turned out wonderfully :) however I DO have to credit a lot of the “lightness” and “warmness” that the photo is exhibiting to me editing the heck out of it in Lightroom to make everything POP xD

AHA! I knew it! She used lightroom everyone! Cheating! She's cheating! :P

But I had a feeling it would be touched up. The lighting looks way too bright and honestly, that looks like a huge middle finger to afternoon naps!

Anyway, I hope you win first place for your bedroom contest. And at the least, Top 3. Wishing you all the best!
Vor 2 Jahren
Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
What a cute room!! Ahhh!♡
Vor 2 Jahren
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