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    Jan 26, 2018
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Über dieses Bild

There are figures that look quite good. There are figures that look stunning. And then there are figures that almost can’t be described by words.

This 1/7 figure of Sakura Kinomoto is one of them and is not only marking the 20th anniversary of Cardcaptor Sakura but also the 15th anniversary of Japanese figure company Good Smile Company. Without a doubt, this figure receives an easy 5/5 stars rating. “Would buy again” – well, maybe not cause I’m broke now!

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what you mean you are broke ?
Vor 1 Jahr
My blog entry about this figure shoot is now up. Enjoy!
Vor 2 Jahren
Outstanding photo!
Vor 2 Jahren
Thank you very much for making this one potd and also for all your inspiring comments below.
Vor 2 Jahren
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
The figure is already amazing, plus you did a great job with the shot!! Loved it!
Vor 2 Jahren
edhutschekVor 2 Jahren#30933038I don't worry, I love giving detailed answers so I can straighten my glasses and sell my “I’m glad you asked” catchphrase. Also it trains my English since it’s not my native language. Now, where were we…?
Oh yeah, clouds – right.
The core is cheap wood I slaughter with a jigsaw and have almost the shape of a cloud. Then I used foam rubber in order to cut out the cloud pattern. Super easy and I can now finally understand why Cosplayer love this material so much. (I snobed it hard for the longest time when it comes to prop builds) But then I reached a dead end. I tried to cover the foam rubber with papier-mâché and/or tissue paper and guess what, it looked terrible. But then my girlfriend gave me a super useful advice to just paint the foam rubber direct with acrylic paint. (I can trust her, she is mostly right about those things, while I’m thinking to complicate about it.) I applied 2-3 layers of paint and that’s it! Spongy pastel clouds we have. I guess you can seal it with some sort of acrylic spray as well for an extra glossy finish, but glossy and taking pictures are archenemies. Therefore I didn’t do that. And yes, I’m an idiot because once again I didn’t take any “making off” pictures of those clouds. I’m always lost in crafting and forget about such simple things. (+ my hands are almost always covered in paint or some glue XD)

oh wow thank you so much for this detailed explanation!! i really appreciate it!
Vor 2 Jahren
I have her. She looks SO FUCKING AMAZING in real life. Like seriously. Out of ALL my figures she is the star...that blesses me. *lol*
No really. This is THE figure in my collection.

...And the picture is wonderful. This great figure is displayed nicely. A+++
Vor 2 Jahren
I need to break my card captor emergency piggy bank, and go get this figure..
Vor 2 Jahren
Vor 2 Jahren
I always thought this figure looked a little odd somehow, but now I think it looks absolutely magnificent. Your clouds were the missing piece, now it looks complete. Excellent work! I really love it! <3 <3 <3
Vor 2 Jahren
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