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StacycmcStacycmcVor 2 Jahren
ghost female sword type_moon ryougi_shiki good_smile_company kara_no_kyoukai nendoron fog nanashi aniplex ufotable nasu_kinoko female_figure

Über dieses Bild

A little ghostly fun...

Shiki's character is so mysterious and chilling even, it gave me the idea for this pic when I was working on a different one of her. I gave her longer hair, as I imagined her hair long and flowing in her ghost-form.

Hope you enjoy, as I know I enjoyed creating it! :D

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Kanda_Im_mortalVor 2 Jahren#28683344Amazing atmosphere *_*

Yeah, I loved that backdrop, just by itself...before I did anything to it. So eerie looking...but beautiful. Glad you like!
Vor 2 Jahren
Amazing atmosphere *_*
Vor 2 Jahren
ptitange23Vor 2 Jahren#28578363Roooh I love the idea and this pic !! Good job !!! :)

Haha...it was fun. She's such a mysterious and foreboding character it seemed like a good idea at the time! LOL! Glad you like!
Vor 2 Jahren
Roooh I love the idea and this pic !! Good job !!! :)
Vor 2 Jahren