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    Sep 03, 2017
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So cute!!
Vor 2 Monaten
The Mio nendo petite is also in this picture.
Vor 4 Monaten
Amazing. Like you've caught them in the middle of being alive!
Vor 2 Jahren
This pic is amazing! <3
Vor 2 Jahren
RedCloud Alibaka
Looks awesome.
Great use of their poses
Vor 3 Jahren
awesome setup!
Vor 3 Jahren
well done!
Vor 3 Jahren
Really Nice
Vor 3 Jahren
takau15Vor 3 Jahren#25505996WOW!! Looks great!
If you don't mind me asking but how does one obtain such a wonderful desk like that?

Thank you ^^
The desk was made from foam board. For the wood texture I was colored it using the Kuelox marker brushes number 104, then cover it with Kuelox Fixative spray to protect the paint.
Vor 3 Jahren
Nice! 3 of my favourite figures!
Vor 3 Jahren