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OkenoOkenoVor 3 Jahren
figma alter max_factory type_moon k-on! tohsaka_rin fate/stay_night tainaka_ritsu koshinuma_shinji asai_(apsy)_masaki kawahara_takayuki kakifly fa4 ufotable fate/stay_night_unlimited_blade_works type-moon_collection

Über dieses Bild

I recently finished a revision of a previous custom to use K-On arms instead of figma 1.0 Rin's arms (which I found sometimes too long). I think it looks better and more like a coat because of the sleeve design and white inside where the hand goes is a good proxy for the white sleeve of the school uniform shirt Rin wears. Joints are still from figma Rin 1.0

Customizing blog entry for Rin 2.0 with coat is here (updated today using K-on arms): blog/30938&...

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