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Über dieses Bild

My 4th Garage-Kit - and the kit that I have fallen so much on love with that I started this funny but very challenging hobby ♥ from the moment I've seen her I wanted her. She is the perfect Sailor Moon figure for me... so in order to get her I've brought some garage-kits to get the grip of it. In order to keep her as close as possible to Naokos Illustrations she is colored with light-resistant water colors which I also use for my traditional illustrations.

She may not be perfect, but I put aaaall my heart into her and I really liked working with her ♥ happy to have this petite figurine in front of me!

(yes she is quite small ehem)

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Wow, beautiful! I love the way you painted her face!
Vor 3 Jahren
I also think this is a great kit and I'm going to put my heart into mine as well! Good job, I hope you treasure her always
Vor 3 Jahren
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