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Über dieses Bild

Spring version of a new diorama I worked on for an experiment.

Stay tuned for the upcoming photos. (Trying to keep up with the uploading and stuff). ><

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Original setup was actually an Autumn setting, and the Spring is another variation of the set. Same arrangement of lighting, diorama pieces (forgot to take a pic of the wall for spring though ><), except for the backdrop and the addition of a main light for spring set.

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Same setup based from the Autumn set

Larger image of Spring set:
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Same set, but different figure. Apologies for the messy table. ><

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Linda foto
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EXkuroganeVor 3 Jahren#19510818Congrats on POTM!

Thank you! I was actually surprised this one made it that far.

LilBrokenDollyVor 3 Jahren#19491708Wow, this picture is AMAZING!!!

Thank you! :)
Vor 3 Jahren
Congrats on POTM!
Vor 3 Jahren
Wow, this picture is AMAZING!!!
Vor 3 Jahren
nhoj726Vor 3 Jahren#19253458This is so beautiful, friend.
Thank you! :)
Vor 3 Jahren
ThatHoppouVor 3 Jahren#19326043So nice! What is the container where you put the water in?
Sorry for the late reply, the container is actually a foam board crafted to look like a pond with a plastic wrap cover on top, so the water won't leak.
Vor 3 Jahren
So nice! What is the container where you put the water in?
Vor 3 Jahren
This is so beautiful, friend.
Vor 3 Jahren
Thank you everyone! :)
Vor 3 Jahren
DarkwoodVor 3 Jahren#19196037Hey, I'd like to ask, where can you get large prints of the sky like that? I've been trying to create one for myself as well, but the sky is one problem I can't solve

The sky is actually hand painted on a display cardboard. I used a spray paint for the main background and painted the clouds using brush. You can get the display cardboard at any crafts store, or maybe school supplies store. The brand name is Elmer's.
Vor 3 Jahren