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    Feb 12, 2017

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I took ideas straight off the Rakuen Tsuihou movie she originated from, and also Mad Max - post apocalyptic desert wasteland, which this one is sort of near a storage/military facility. But to stay true to the Sci-Fi roots I threw in a 1/8 scale BMW i8 with the same color scheme as Balzac's Arhan mecha.

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wow love the car! awesome!
Vor 3 Jahren
kokoro1280Vor 3 Jahren#18218984Nice setup! where did you buy the i8 model? I cant seem to find a 1/8.

Thank you
It's from a China brand called MZ Model, product model number is P2068. 1/8 scale is indeed hard to come by, usually you'll see up to 1/14 or 1/12 for BMWs specifically, I placed an order via a seller in China's Taobao for it. Ferraris and Lamborghini RC models commonly go up to 1/10 scale.
Vor 3 Jahren
Nice setup! where did you buy the i8 model? I cant seem to find a 1/8.
Vor 3 Jahren
this is damn epic :O
Vor 3 Jahren
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Cool setup. Could use a bit more gritirness imo.

Spartan Carter over there looks kinda out of place but everything else looks good.
Vor 3 Jahren
Kirenisa I am a collector!
woa this is epic
Vor 3 Jahren
Holy cow! Well done!
Vor 3 Jahren
Amazing as usual I expect nothing less that this quality standard from you now. LOL I know high praise but every single one of your pics is awesome when you build the diorama around it.

This is going to be my work wall paper.

= )

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Vor 3 Jahren
Very nice~
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