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vocaloid thighhighs panties nendoroid hatsune_miku good_smile_company akeji tantei_opera_milky_holmes panty_&_stocking_with_garterbelt nendoron udono_kazuyoshi jun_(e.v.) taira_hitoshi sherlock_shellingford senjou_no_varukyuria_3:_unrecorded_chronicles imca niconico_gsc riela_marcellis mesuka doraemon dicokick pass_case acrylic

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A few screenshots from the GSC stream. Forgot to get a few~ (´・ω・`) Hopefully people find them interesting.
Seeing them play with the normal Sherlock made me dislike her less, and I think Stockings was really cute. The only new thing was the face for (thatguy).

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I want nendo Panty and Stocking.
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