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    Oct 14, 2016

Über dieses Bild

That is the new apartment from my boyfriend VIGI and me ^^
The new apartment is slightly smaller and therefore we had to split our collection. Most of our figure collection is now in our living room. The remaining figures are together with our manga and anime in a little extra room. Pictures coming soon...

Here is the picture from our old space:

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So beautiful <3
Vor 1 Jahr
Vor 1 Jahr
nice pet lol
Vor 1 Jahr
May I ask what is supporting the detolfs?
Vor 2 Jahren
i thinks it´s nice room :3
.. so much bigger then mine
Vor 3 Jahren
Very nice and clean look. I wish my detolf display is as cluttered free as yours. But I need to squeeze like 5 figures in a section.
Your old space is awesome as well!
Vor 3 Jahren
dream come true lol
Vor 3 Jahren
This set up looks great! You've given me a few ideas of how to set up my space, as I'm currently renovating it. :D
Vor 3 Jahren
Spirit_BombVor 3 Jahren#15441141P.O.P ?

Portrait of Pirates called the One Piece figures from megahouse.
Vor 3 Jahren
diggadangVor 3 Jahren#15418701Awesome set up!! ^^ May I ask where you buy your lights inside that display shelf or was it included?

The lights was not included and we buy it also at Ikea ;)
Vor 3 Jahren
Live better. Play more!

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