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    Sep 02, 2016

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Great pic !!
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Really amazing to get a picture of the day award here. Thank you all for your comments. Yes, the green cloth is important ;)

This picture is the final illustration of a presentation of the figures in this article (French only sorry) on my blog.

I started the collection with an opportunity on Hitagi found at a "cheap" price (around 4K¥ in 2015) but it was not a so good deal because I wanted to own all other figures after ^^;
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This right here is a thousand dollar collection! Beautiful!
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is this heaven
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Nice collection!!!
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Wow *^* Monogatari figures have damn good bases !
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ararararararararararara is a bastard
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What a gorgeous collection. I'm so glad I haven't gotten into the Monogatari series, or I would want to own all of these. XD
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I love the green cloth. It's those little details that enhances a collection.
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