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    Jul 13, 2016
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“Sake O Sake”

Sengoku Nadeko Medusa Ver by Good Smile Company

Pretty much all Bakemonogatari figures are really awesome, especially those by Good Smile. Sengoku Nadeko is perfect in all ways and i enjoyed the way she was captured, playfully with Sake and Money. This figure sums up the “Nadeko Medusa” and “Hitagi End” arcs. I’m am glad i got this piece and composed this shot. I highly recommend it too (:

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Kommentare21 Kommentare

Thank you (: CitrixNovaVor 4 Jahren#14402885Looks amazing!
Vor 3 Jahren
Looks amazing!
Vor 4 Jahren
Hahaha! Thank you ! (: WarfoxVor 4 Jahren#12885772Hohoho Amazing Shot!
Vor 4 Jahren

Super-JupiterVor 4 Jahren#12876331Perfect! :3
Vor 4 Jahren
Thank you ! (: ReycoenmaVor 4 Jahren#12869228So beauty <3
Vor 4 Jahren
Hohoho Amazing Shot!
Vor 4 Jahren
Perfect! :3
Vor 4 Jahren
Thank you! I'm happy that you enjoy it ! (: astarte952Vor 4 Jahren#12857835This is wonderful!
Vor 4 Jahren
This is wonderful!
Vor 4 Jahren
Thank you so much! I am so humbled by all the kind comments and yours :) hope you continue to enjoy my works :) DanteMagicaVor 4 Jahren#12851902Well deserved win! I've always wanted this figure but I just am not familiar with the character, aside from it being from Monogatari. But this would totally be the kind of photo/diorama I would imagine this figure to have. Amazing job
Vor 4 Jahren
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