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  • EF Tale of Memories I believe
    Vor 6 Jahren
    Landsknecht Take my revolution ...
    She's so nonchalant about having a GIANT bug on her head!! 0_0 Kinda looks like she's pointing at it, haha.
    Vor 6 Jahren
    lol the bug :D it's an awesome banner man ^^
    Vor 9 Jahren
    WOW that bug fits really well! Especially with the colors!
    Vor 10 Jahren
    The bug wierds me out. o_o
    If that bug was to our scale and coming at me I'd crap my pants. >_<
    Vor 10 Jahren
    De-JaY Teitoku
    kumasanmkOMG, in a first sight I haven't seen the bug xD

    Funny thing is... when that bug appeared on her I wanted to wave it away. But then I thought "Hm... that could make a nice scene". I think it's a bit of a lucky shot. lol
    Vor 11 Jahren
    OMG, in a first sight I haven't seen the bug xD
    Vor 11 Jahren
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