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    Jun 25, 2016

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Master Kirby! :)

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this one is really fun :D
Vor 4 Jahren
Kirby just can't stop murdering can he? I guess he can't help it what with the demand for new powers.
Vor 4 Jahren
Side effect from this new power: the sudden urge to look at Aoba's ass and to call him Master.
Vor 4 Jahren
Kirenisa I am a collector!
haha that's awesome
Vor 4 Jahren
Good Ol' Kirby, always finding new powers.
Vor 4 Jahren
X) looool
Vor 4 Jahren
astarte952Vor 4 Jahren#12016389Well done!
Thank you :) and to everyone who scored and favorite this photo!
Vor 4 Jahren
Well done!
Vor 4 Jahren
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
waah <3
Can't wait to get mine <3
Vor 4 Jahren
Echizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
"Are you my Mommy?"

Poor Clear xD he just ended up as Snack
Vor 4 Jahren