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Downsizing my collection a bit, send me a PM if your interested in any of the figures listed.
Can send additional pictures upon request.

•Shiro ($80) (Kotobukiya) SOLD
•Hayase Mitsuki & Suzumiya Haruka ($50) (Good Smile Company) SOLD
•C.C. ($50) (Alpha x Omega) SOLD
•Kouzuki Kallen ($70) (Alpha x Omega) SOLD
•Athrun Zala ($60) (Megahouse) SOLD
•Lacus Clyne ($50) (Megahouse) SOLD
•Nefertari Vivi ($50) (Megahouse) SOLD
•Kouzuki Kallen ($15) (Banpresto) SOLD
•Maou ($20) (Pulchra) SOLD

Preferred shipping within the US.
Shipping is not included in the price, PM for shipping cost.

I have experience selling online, I have already sold a few figures through MFC.
You can also check my feedback on my eBay account, username is the same as my MFC one: joethebui.

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Kallen was bought from AmiAmi Pre-owned section (Figure:A/Box:B Rating), while C.C. I got her new/sealed.
Both of them were displayed for about 4 months in a Ikea detolf case, then repackaged back into their boxes.
Vor 3 Jahren
Hello, are your code geass alpha omega figures new?
Vor 3 Jahren