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    Dec 24, 2015

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Happy Birthday Levi!! <3

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Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Chelsea_akashiVor 3 Jahren#17683326Your Levi collection is seriously so amazing and incredible! I love all the nendoroids ;w; and the plushies are precious! (´♡`)

Thank you so much! Levi will always be my true favorite ♥ Hehe I want to put every cute nendoroid body I see on Levi!
Vor 3 Jahren
Your Levi collection is seriously so amazing and incredible! I love all the nendoroids ;w; and the plushies are precious! (´♡`)
Vor 3 Jahren
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Thank you to everyone for the nice comments and sorry for my lateness! Happy Holidays!

MareemVor 4 Jahren#5588816What did you use to display the clearfiles? Did you just tape them or something, I'm really curious as i have quite few clearfiles sitting in my closet w/o any use lol

Yes I do hang them on my walls with tape! They're kinda hard to find uses for, but I also put some in my shelves behind figures and store them in a clear file folder/binder ITEM #274425.

Ose_93Vor 4 Jahren#5588818Gosh, you sure do have quite a few Levi nendoroids! This is adorable. <3

Haha AmiAmi preowned has been a great help! And thank you!!

Letters77Vor 4 Jahren#5588830Alright let's be honest here, this was bound to happen, multiple times, somewhere, sometime or another.

Of course! I've seen several Levi shrines on tumblr and twitter. He is a pretty popular character after all -w-

FinalCataclsymVor 4 Jahren#5588894I see Time Travel Expert Levi, Space Pirate Captain Levi and Kimono Levi. THAT is what makes me smile about this!

Aw thank you for your comment! I really could not resist those bodies for Levi >w<

skipmilkVor 4 Jahren#5588920C-can I live with y-you?

Ahh anything for doe-eyed Sasha ;3;

ptitange23Vor 4 Jahren#5589302Wooooow !!!! *_* I want your collection !! ^^
Happy X-mas !!! :D

Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too!

MalGalVor 4 Jahren#5589326That sure is one beautiful shrine!

Thanks! I love your Hanji avatar, she is one of my favorites in the series!
Vor 4 Jahren
Vor 4 Jahren
Vor 4 Jahren
*golf claps*
Vor 4 Jahren
woooooooah! It could be that you're the biggest fan of Levi?? :P
That's so great!
Vor 4 Jahren
Merry Christmas/Birthday Levi <3 We love ya
Vor 4 Jahren
a Levi Tree *-* Beautiful~ <3
Vor 4 Jahren
Cleaniest Tree EVER.
Vor 4 Jahren
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