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    Nov 02, 2015

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Just got my Umaru-chan Pillow and Cape today! So I made two vines!
I converted one to a gif, but the sound is missing, so check the vines out: vine.co/v/e3PVB... and vine.co/v/e3xAi...

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Vor 2 Jahren
Cutest GIF ever!
Vor 4 Jahren
Vor 4 Jahren
This made me laugh harder than it should've. :')
Vor 4 Jahren
foo woomy!
Because of this I decided to watch the first episode. Thank you.
Vor 4 Jahren
This Is SOOO Cute! ^_^
Vor 4 Jahren
Amazing! This pillow catches better than I do. *O*
Vor 4 Jahren
loooooool x)
Vor 4 Jahren
T-dawg Fictional Idols are the death of
The longer i watched it the funnier it gets lol!
Vor 4 Jahren
I am happy I could make so many people smile and laugh : D
Thank you for all the kind comments. And thank you for making this POTD!
Vor 4 Jahren
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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