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    Oct 02, 2015
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    Sep 27, 2015 - Oct 03, 2015

Über dieses Bild

Would you swim with Maki?

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Kommentare23 Kommentare

Yes. I would definitely swim with Maki-chan. :) Absolutely love everything about this photo. Top notch work! ;)
Vor 4 Jahren
Thank you very much for the ratings, faves and comments everyone!!

I really appreciate it!
Vor 4 Jahren
Thank you very much buddy!! :D

DogStarVor 4 Jahren#3767070Yatta! Awesome buddy.
Vor 4 Jahren
nice one
Vor 4 Jahren
Great shot! I'm quite tempted to go buy her now. Its a nice refresher in light of the recent dominance of Nendoroids for PotD.
Vor 4 Jahren
Adorable! *_*
The setting is great and fits perfectly to her!
Vor 4 Jahren
She is very beautiful :3
Vor 4 Jahren
Now I'm strongly regretting not pre-ordering this figure, haha XD
Vor 4 Jahren
That's a super awesome photo ^^ Really like the setup and ofc the figure in the water :D
Vor 4 Jahren
absoulte wonderful!
Vor 4 Jahren