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    Dec 15, 2010

Über dieses Bild

Making use of the beautiful blue sky today. I hope everyone likes. Comments welcome.

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Had been meaning to comment but my dumb computer wouldn't load my comment.
Anyway, I really like this shot; I noticed you haven't been taking pics anymore. I feel you have great potentail to grow and I would love to se more photos from you. Keep it up!
Vor 9 Jahren
Thanks everyone for the favs and comments. I really appreciate it and I'm glad everyone likes my pic. <3

@microgamer2vs2 ~ I agree, if I could have had the sun going more on her face it would be a big improvement. Next time I take pics outside I'll keep that in mind. :-)
Vor 9 Jahren
I love her wings. Its so beautiful.
Vor 9 Jahren
I would've like to see her with the sun lighting up her face as opposed to behind her casting the shadow, but I still think the picture turned out quite well anyways.
Vor 9 Jahren
Beautiful. <3
Vor 9 Jahren
Aozora ftw!
Vor 9 Jahren
Wow, lovely shot, I want those wings!!
Vor 9 Jahren
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