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    Apr 07, 2015

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I see a lot of comments saying how Shizuo's face in the renewal doesn't look right. I thought the same thing but I still really wanted a figure of him and didn't feel like searching for the first release (that and since I was getting the renewal version of Izaya I wanted them to 'match' in a sense). Let me tell you photos don't do the figure justice. His face looks much better in person. Something about natural lighting does make his face look more like HIM than these photos do.
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I know nothing about DRRR, but the top right picture looks like transitions lenses to me and that makes me want to buy this.
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Don't know anything about Drrr!, but on the Renewal, he looks like any bishounen from generic otome games, he is much better looking on the old version.
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Is it obvious that the Renewal versions are based more in Yasuda actual art (The second season of the anime is doing the same thing) if you aren't paying attention to the novels yeah, he doesn't "look like him" thought I would have preferred a more detailed hair like the first versión. I like both <3
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I'm laughing because I can't see anything feminine about him at all? The sharp lines of his face just makes him look more refined, and the "eyeliner" brings out his eyes and gives him a clearer expression, like he's looking at you very intently. I can even describe it as seductive but it's nothing at all like a woman. He is more good-looking, but to me, there is nothing soft or feminine here. Just more detailed and high quality though the hair could do with some more shading.
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
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I feel like I'm looking at bootlegs with these comparison pictures. (High quality bootlegs, maybe.) They're really nice, but compared to the first release these renewals just look cheap and sort of flat.

I don't know, I was really excited for these re-releases so that maybe I could someday afford the Durarara figures, but now I'm just thinking "I'm going to have to pay $XXX for the first version someday, aren't I."
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Now I wouldnt have minded if they just used the exact same sculpt for re-release because the newer one doesnt look like Shizuo at all. The style for the eyes are different and he looks a lot less angry/shizuo-like plus the lack of depth in the hair.

the only thing I can appreciate is the detail on the bowtie. thats about it.

Rerelease just looks like a korean pop star version of Shizuo ;m;)
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I'm so happy I have the first release.
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The renewal version doesn't even look like Shizuo.If I saw just the heads of both of these figures I would immediately be able to tell the old one is Shizuo but I can't say the same for the renewal.They made his face so bishounen in the renewal that it looks more like a younger version of him or a fan interpretation of him.No doubt they both look great and they are both faithful to their respective seasons,I just prefer the more mature look over the bishounen one.
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