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Finally got myself some glass cabinets! Until Fantastic Furniture started offering them, glass cabinets were really hard to come by at an affordable price in Tasmania (Australia). The large one is the 'Gallery', while the detolf-like one is the 'Vision'.

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Looks like we finally have your display case state side! www.lowes.com/p...
Vor 1 Jahr
this is beautiful
Vor 3 Jahren
Wow, I wish we could get one of those Galery cabinets over here. I guess some detolfs will have to do.
Vor 5 Jahren
The Gallery display case looks fantastic. It really makes your collection stand out. I hope I can find something similar in the US.
Vor 5 Jahren
wow, nice collection!
Vor 5 Jahren
Your whole collection is really gorgeous! I want a cabinet like the Gallery.
Vor 5 Jahren
Live better. Play more!

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