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I finally got my order from AmiAmi in last Saturday!! One of the Re-Ment items I got was this Pose Skeleton 01. I love it! Sylvanian Family items work with it perfectly.

I cut indentions into the candy so it could hold onto it.

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The only thing I think about when I see this is he's coming back from the skeleton war to confess his love. omfg *//*
Vor 5 Jahren
After 10 years you still haven't told me if you wanna be my valentine...
Vor 5 Jahren
Vor 5 Jahren
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://38.media.tumblr.com/5683208fa6129c0b7a9910459b362230/tumblr_mseqczBWVF1qe1uqko1_500.gif
Vor 5 Jahren
Ah, so nice! Well done! :D
Vor 5 Jahren
Vor 5 Jahren
So sweets can kill you...

= )

Vor 5 Jahren
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
This picture is too sweet, I'm gonna die~! XD
Vor 5 Jahren
Way 2 spoopy
Vor 5 Jahren
LOL overnice pic you got that old bone right! (do not misunderstand me... lol...)
Vor 5 Jahren
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