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From time to time, I like to switch out some figures for newer ones that show up in the mail. This is how I have it set up now. It'll probably change in a few days, lol.

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@ Nandeyanen: Oh man, I got that like 5 years ago from an online shop I don't even remember anymore. x__x I had it bookmarked, but then my browser went nuts and deleted all of my bookmarks a long time ago, so I can't even remember. But yeah, it's such a cute trinket box~ You can put stuff in every layer of the pancakes, lol!

@ mikaru: Aw, thanks! I freakin' love pankakes, so I had to get the adorable little trinket box. :3 And yeah, the Toranoana figures are HUGE! They take up a ton of space. I'm kinda curious to see how big/small the charm ones are so I can get one or two.
Vor 10 Jahren
Yeah, the Rilakkuma pancake looks so cute and yummy!
And it's the first time I realize how big the Toranoana Touhou figures are, I thought they were smaller 0_0
Vor 10 Jahren
Where'd you get that pancake thingy in the corner? It's cute :3
Vor 10 Jahren
PVC anime figure store.

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