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Über dieses Bild

Tried to take an updated photo of my Professor Layton collection.
Sadly it's not so accurate at all since a lot of my items are missing from the shot, but it was the most I could gather together and still display nicely. ;_;
(Plus some of my merch is still back in Sweden, boohoo)

My collection consists of around 230+ items, both custom made and official merch. However around 100 of them are doujinshis. (´・ω・`);;

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I'm jelly all over. D:
Vor 5 Jahren
Migon Saber Freak
And this isn't even your FINAL FORM!!
Vor 5 Jahren
I love how much your collection have grown!
Vor 5 Jahren
Your collection is so amazing~!
Vor 5 Jahren
Vor 5 Jahren
Awesome :D

Layton is one of my favorite game series (just hard to pick one) Lovely collection!
Vor 5 Jahren
Also ahhh all of you are too cute. ;^; I'm so happy so many have faved and rated my collection, it makes me so happy to see my collection get so much love. ; 0 ;
and omg it even made it to the front page
Vor 5 Jahren
SegaManVor 5 Jahren#2502342Amazing collection! I love Professor Layton and I rarely see him get a lot of love when it comes to collecting.
Thank you! :D At first I took much better photos with my camera, only to realize afterwards that I forgot to put in the SD card. orz So all I ended up with in the end was this photo from my iphone haha.
I'm so glad to see him being loved. ;^; The Layton games have always meant a lot to me and I want to honor him by trying to collect as much merch as I can. ♥

BluePotionVor 5 Jahren#2502341This is awesome!!
Thank you~! (´・ω・`)
Vor 5 Jahren
Amazing collection! I love Professor Layton and I rarely see him get a lot of love when it comes to collecting.
Vor 5 Jahren
This is awesome!!
Vor 5 Jahren