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Payment: Paypal. Possibly within 2 days (within €15: €1 / within €20: €1,40 will be added to the total to cover Paypal's fees)

Shipping rates depends on your area and the weight of the packet; I can say I try and make the packets as light as possible still putting some bubbles when needed. (Ex. Usually a single packed charm's weight is within 20g-50g, two or three are within 50g-100g. If the item comes with a paper box, I always weight twice the packet: with and without it -for the packet to be lighter- and ask if the buyer minds to keep it or not. Requesting to buy more than one item and combine shipping is totally ok)
See below for more info!

For any more questions don't hesitate to PM me! (´ ヮ `)b
Remember to include in the message which items you are interested in and where you are from, so I can reply you back with shipping rates right away.


✩ Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin View spoilerHide spoilerSALE #83424 - Deka keychain: Levi (€9)

✩ Diabolik Lovers View spoilerHide spoiler- Brooch DECO RICH (€4,50 each)
Available: SALE #82042 Reiji

- Brooch DECO RICH Vol.2 (€5)
Available: SALE #86917 Reiji

✩ DONTEN NI WARAU View spoilerHide spoiler- Rubber straps (€4)
Available: SALE #83374 Sousei

✩ DRAMAtical Murder View spoilerHide spoilerSALE #83430 - Deka Acrylic Keyholder: Morphine (€12)
SALE #89087 - Deka Acrylic Keyholder: Aoba's Jerry Blaine (€12)
SALE #83429 - Earphone Jack charm: Morphine (€6,50)

✩ Durarara!!x2 View spoilerHide spoiler- Rubber Strap collection (€3,50 each)
SALE #121721 Rokujo
SALE #121727 Mikado
SALE #121726 Anri
SALE #121724 Aoba
SALE #121723 Kadota
SALE #121722 Kururi & Mairu

✩ Free! / Eternal Summer View spoilerHide spoiler- Samezuka Kigurumi mascot strap (€4 each)
Available: SALE #96448 Momo

✩ Gekkan shōjo Nozaki-kun View spoilerHide spoiler- Toy'sworks Collection Niiten-gomu! (€3)
Available: SALE #83377 Nozaki

SALE #83319 - Rubber Strap: Mikorin (€5,50)

✩ GUGURE! KOKKURI-SAN View spoilerHide spoiler- Pinched rubber straps:
SALE #83379 Shigaraki (€3)

✩ Hozuki no Reitetsu View spoilerHide spoilerSALE #89125 - Puku puku sticker blue (€3)

SALE #89126 - Puku puku sticker red (€3)

✩ Kamisama Kiss / Kamisama Hajimemashita View spoilerHide spoiler SALE #83322 - Charm strap: Tomoe (€3)

✩ Kuroko’s Basketball View spoilerHide spoiler- Brooch DECO RICH (€4,30 each)
Available: SALE #86920 / Kise + Kasamatsu (x2 available)

SALE #96497 - Suwarasetai EX: Murasakibara (€4)

SALE #89104 - Strap/Earphone jack: Murasakibara (€4)

SALE #89103 - Strap/Earphone jack: Kuroko (€4)

SALE #89089 - Mini cushion: Himuro Tatsuya (€15)

SALE #83331 - Smartphone cleaner: Murasakibara (€3)

SALE #83444 - Netsuke straps: Murasakibara (€5)

SALE #83330 - Rubber Mascot EX: Haizaki (€3)

SALE #102586 - Rubber Mascot Off Shot Edition 2: Imayoshi (€3)

Doujinshi AoKuro by Gusari (€6,50 each): SALE #88715, SALE #88714, SALE #88713

✩ Natsume Yuujinchou View spoilerHide spoilerSALE #83313 - Nyanko Sensei Wall Sticker (€4)

Bottle Cover / Mini Bag - Madara Nyanko-sensei: SALE #89094 napping version, SALE #89093 peeping version (€7 each)

SALE #83314 - Nyanko Sensei Note Book B6 Full color (€5)

✩ ORENCHI NO FURO JIJOU View spoilerHide spoiler- RUBBER STRAPS (€10 each)
Available: SALE #76228 Tatsumi on Wakasa, SALE #83284 Wakasa & Takasu

✩ Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary View spoilerHide spoiler - SALE #83290 - Charm Charapin - Spiral Heart Moon Rod (€4)

- Miniaturely Tablet : SALE #120546 Henshin Brooch (x2 available)(€5,50), SALE #120545 Chibi Moon compact (€6,50)

- Premium Sebon Star Moon Prism (all are €3,50 each - a part from Henshin pens & Tuxed Kamen that are €3 each)
● Sailor Moon version:
SALE #96451 Henshin Pen, SALE #96457 Princess Serenity, SALE #96458 Princess Tiara
● Sailor Mercury version:
SALE #96455 Sailor Ribbon, SALE #96463 Henshin Pen
● Sailor Mars version:
SALE #96452 Henshin Pen, SALE #96453 Moon Phase no Kaichuudokei, SALE #96459 Princess Serenity, SALE #96454 Princess Tiara
● Sailor Jupiter version:
SALE #96460 Princess Tiara, SALE #96461 Tuxedo Kamen
● Sailor Venus version:
SALE #96462 Princess Serenity

- Tamashii Buddies : Sailor Jupiter ITEM #259858 (€8)

SALE #83607 - Cosmic Heart Compact Case Earphones /// shipping to Italy (or Europe) only - (€29ss)

✩ Super Danganronpa 2 View spoilerHide spoilerSALE #83321 - Pixel rubber keyholder: Monomi (€6)

✩ Touken Ranbu online View spoilerHide spoiler- Hook Figure - Minna no Kuji:
SALE #118651 - Ishikirimaru (€10)

✩ Yowamushi Pedal View spoilerHide spoiler- Netsuke straps (each €4)
available: SALE #83325 Imaizumi, SALE #83326 Onoda

- Glass Marker
available: SALE #83323 Akira Midousuji €3 ; SALE #83324 Manami Sangaku €5,90

- Cookie mascots (€3 each)
Available: SALE #82702 Makishima Toudou, SALE #83279 Arakita Shinkai, SALE #83320 Midousuji (€2)

✩ The Seven Deadly Sins - Nanatsu no Taizai View spoilerHide spoiler SALE #83328 - Coaster set: Ban+Hawk (€2,50)

- Acrylic charms Animal versions (€6)
available: SALE #89098 Meliodas, SALE #89101 Elizabeth

✩ Final Fantasy X-2 View spoilerHide spoilerVisual Arts Collection CG & ILLUSTRATION WORKS (€20)

✩ LM.C (music) View spoilerHide spoiler- SALE #90400 Trailers Gold, Trailers Silver (€13,50 each)
- SALE #90401 ITEM #382703 Boys & Girls (€7)

Everything listed above is in brand new condition : never been used - taken out for pictures and soon kept inside its original confection right after.

Thank you!


- Where do I ship from?

- How does shipping work from there?
Contact me letting me know where you are from and what you are interested in.

It's totally ok to ask how much a product or more would weight + how much would be the shipping cost and let me know then if you are sure to buy or not. Just let me know if you changed your mind, I won't bite ( ´ ω `)b

Basically depends on the zone you are from plus the weight and thickness of the packet.
I try to make packets as slim as possible, when possible (rubber strap for example. Keep in mind it won't probably be doable if the product is big itself and not due to its box, tho) and using bubble wrap. I let you know the rates for all the three shipping methods available, so you can choose whichever you prefer. I also ask if you care about the paper box, since sometimes taking it away can make a packet lighter.

I take pictures of the wrapped products and during the making of the packet to send you as proof, also a pic of the tape-ed packet (and receipt with tracking number if there's any).

- Which are the shipping methods available?
At the moment, three: Postamail int., Postapriority int., Raccomandata int.; neither of these require to mark the value. (Sorry, the website still does not have the info page for these in English. orz)
Please note that the chosen shipping method is buyer's responsability - no packets have gone missing recently, but if it happens there's nothing we can do unless it was shipped via Registered mail. :<

Postamail int. rates www.poste.it/po... - zones www.poste.it/po...
Postamail int. is the cheapest method available. It kinda is also pretty slow, as it can take from a minimum of two weeks to around month (a bit more if you are not from Europe). This method does not come with tracking number.

Postapriority int. rates www.poste.it/po... - zones www.poste.it/po...
Postapriority int. is the newly added shipping method; is still kinda cheap but comes with a "bidimensional code" - which doesn't work as a tracking number - this code is stamped over the packet and is later checkable online to let you visualize when the packet has passed thru the "International exchange center" of the Italian Post - or so it's written on their website. It tells you basically when it has left Italy, I suppose. This method too is a bit slow and can take up to a two weeks or around a month.

Raccomandata int. rates www.poste.it/po... - zones www.poste.it/po...
Raccomandata int. is "Registered mail int.". This method is the cheapest amongst the ones with tracking number available, but still the most expensive amongst the three. Should take a bit less than the other two options to arrive. Tracking number will be checkable from the Italian's post website.

Please, note - If you choose unregistered shipping I am not liable for lost mail; I am not liable for damaged mail. (Never happened yet thought, hope it never will (ㅠ_ㅠ))

- Payment info
Payment method accepted is Paypal.
If you are sure to buy after knowing the shipping rates, please let me know your paypal address so I can send you a payment invoice.

- I would like to send it as a gift for a friend o:
It's ok to ask to have a product wrapped up in gift paper/ribbons! I'll let you choose from the papers I have available ( ´ ω `)

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