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So simply put, I want to trade these figures away so I can expand my Persona 5 collection. I will consider items that contain the characters Shujinkou, Akechi, Yusuke, Ryuji, and Futaba. Figures, goods, and media are all welcome. I will also consider items from Hetalia (Specifically of Japan, Italy, and Great Britain), NieR: Automata (Specifically 9S. Fanmade is also welcome), and Hypnosis Mic (Specifically Saburo Yamada).

Note: All of these items have been previously displayed before being placed into their boxes and are being sold in "as is" condition.
I live in Texas, USA and only looking to trade within the domestic USA (mainland 48 states)
I prefer that a date be set between both parties and both must send receipts as confirmation that the items have been shipped out.

Now onto the figures!

Here's a link to the photos: www.dropbox.com...

2012 Snow Miku nendoroid -> I am not her first owner. I bought her from an MFC user by the name of Aini. Miku's box is rather damaged due to Aini shipping her to me with napkins as padding instead of bubble wrap. She also seems to be missing a piece (headphones) but I can make up for that by sending another piece of merchandise the trader may want. Miku comes with the replacement parts and even the statement by GSC explaining why she comes with such parts. She comes with a clear base and a snowy type base, but due to dust, the base is now a slightly off-white (see photos). I've never tried to use the light up function for the base, so I cannot give a guarantee that it works, but it does look like it should from my understanding. When I first opened her, pieces fell into the box quite viciously, but I recovered all that was given to me. When repackaging, I made sure to add an appropriate amount of tape to prevent that from happening again :) $40+shipping SOLD!!

Doll Crystal Hatsune Miku -> She is not damaged in any way. I do have her box but not the original packaging that came with it. She will be disassembled and bubblewrapped if a trade is to be settled. (see photos for how she will be disassembled) I am her first owner and she was originally purchased from Goliath Toys and Retro Games in Monte Cristo, Texas. $20+shipping

Halloween Hatsune Miku -> I am not her first owner and she was purchased from a Facebook Marketplace user. She is 100% authentic as well (see photos). However, she has a slight lean which is a commonly reported issue. Though, she is a prize figure, so I wouldn't beat her up too much about it. She is placed in her original packaging and box. $20+shipping

Is The Order A Rabbit Cocoa -> I am her first owner and she was purchased from Goliath Toys and Retro Games. She has her original packaging and box. She also has no damage to herself or the box. $15+shipping

Touhou Project Saigyouji Yuyuko -> I am her first owner and she was also purchased from Goliath Toys and Retro Games. She is also in her original packaging and box. She has a rather large box so please keep this in mind. $25+shipping

Hatsune Miku Pansy -> She has no box since I purchased her that way at a San Antonio, Texas anime figure shop. She is definitely authentic, but does have some damage. Her foot seems to have broken from the peg, but it is not noticeable once she's placed back into her intended position. $10+shipping

Hatsune Miku 2nd Season Winter Ver. -> I am her first owner and she was purchased from Goliath. (I go there quite a bit, huh? >W>) She has her box, but not the original packaging. She also has a damaged halo, but it is not noticeable from certain angles. $10+shipping

Not in the MFC Database Taito Hatsune Miku 2nd Season Winter Ver. plushie -> Her tags have been removed, but she still has the tag that says she is a Taito prize product. She was also purchased frooooooom (you guessed it) Goliath. $15+shipping SOLD!!

In closing, I am looking to trade these figures away for things that'll interest me more. I do not intend to gain or give any sort of payment unless the trader wishes to split the shipping cost between them and I. I can pay for shipping to you alone :)
Also, if you see anything you like in my Owned section, don't be hesitant to ask. More than likely, if someone show an interest in something I have, I can think about it and then give a proper answer.
Thank you for reading~
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Do you have a different link that has all the photos?
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