Kommentare Love Live! School Idol Festival - Ayase Eli - 1/7 (Alter)

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    Shipping to Australia only
    PM me for photos and price negotiations
    Also selling the rest of my collection (sealed & open)
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    This figure is on sale!! This Week Only for $170.99!! Product Page Check out the rest of the figures on sale and save up to 20% off this weekend only @ Rightstufanime.com
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    Selling check my list for details
    LIST #127071
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    Selling for $100 shipped in US, payment through PayPal. Arrived with one of the pegs stuck in the peg hole, but still displays normally, no tilting or lean issues. PM if interested.
    Vor 5 Monaten
    Anyone know how wide her base is?
    Vor 6 Monaten

    Opened and displayed, but I have all the original packaging.

    $120 CAD
    If you're in Canada/USA free shipping

    If you would like pictures feel free to message me. :)

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    Restocked on Tokyo Otaku Mode. They also have a x30 points campaign right now.

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    I got this as a very generous gift from a friend, I'm so lucky. She is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing addition to my collection!! <3
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    Selling mine. $100.00 with free shipping in Continental US.

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    In stock @ Ningen Life
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