Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - Nendoroid  (#028c) - Chara-Ani ver. (Chara-Ani, Good Smile Company)Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - Nendoroid (#028c) - Chara-Ani ver. (Chara-Ani, Good Smile Company)¥ Kaufen¥ Kaufen

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Lucky☆Star - Hiiragi Kagami - Nendoroid  (#028c) - Chara-Ani ver. (Chara-Ani, Good Smile Company)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
H=100mm (3.9in)
Erscheinungs Datum
04/2008 As Exclusive
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Hello guys, I'm selling mine for 10€ (in very good condition) + shipping (to France & Europe only).

Shipping will be around the 15th of January (I am not living in France anymore, that why I'll be able to send it only when I'll travel there).

I am also selling the rest of my collection (except the Tsume Art ones) and I can make good prices. Do not hesitate to mp me for more details ;)
Vor 4 Jahren
D: could anyone that has her please help me out
I just got her and she wont stay together ;A; her bum wont go all the way into the skirt so the peg in her torso cant attach to her bum. neither of her stands work, and one of her pigtails comes out and one of thems joint is snapped. and for some reason i cant for the life of me get her to sit on her chair, she keeps leaning to the right and falling over because no mater what position i put her head in its leaning right :C

are the pig tails SUPPOSED to come out? and is her bum supposed to be glued to the inside of her skirt?
Vor 6 Jahren
Got mine today. Honestly, I thought I ordered ITEM #904, but the info and pictures weren't clear enough. And it doesn't help that the joint with her happy faceplate was broken when I opened the box and the peg is stucked in her head, so I'm reporting it to AmiAmi, since they described she was an A/B figure. Still, I can't say I'm completely disappointed since I like the other faceplates very much and the Pocky box is a nice accessory that any of the others Kagami nendos have. If life gives you lemons...
Vor 7 Jahren
1260 JPY (sealed) jungle-scs.co.j...
Vor 7 Jahren
Vor 8 Jahren
otaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
Had this one for a couple months .Pretty cute,but I have several problems with her. First,her head will not properly connect to her body anymore.It just sits on top,and if she's moved,it falls off. Second,I have great problems getting her on her base because her legs don't stay firmly connected to her upper body. Anyone else had this problem?Other then that,she's is pretty darn cute.I love her little box of pocky!
Vor 8 Jahren
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