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Original Character - Skytube Premium - Ayame (Alphamax)Original Character - Skytube Premium - Ayame (Alphamax)



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sonconner98 (Vor 24 Tagen) #31226869plz don't make a penis part
Please make a penis part.
Vor 21 Tagen
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There is tremendous potential for alternate display options here, and I'll be watching this one closely. I could see a "dominatrix" replacement for the pile of books, as with PICTURE #1441529. Removable bra is obvious given the precedent set by Ban's other figures. Removable skirt seems like it would be doable based on the artwork and the already-exposed straps of the underwear. Lastly, futanari parts would work well as a supplement to that option, possibly a "tucked away" version to differentiate her from Ban's other options, which, while wonderful, all have similarly depicted "equipment." Still, though personally disappointing, there'll be no hard feelings if she ends up having no futanari option parts; collectors with different tastes deserve a figure in Ban's style too.
Vor 18 Tagen
Should be really good. Hopefully she will come with the option to make her a futanari.
Vor 18 Tagen
I honestly would not mind if she comes with Futanari parts because I really love Ban women whether their Futanari or not , I'm still trying to find Rocket boy's Dva that I missed the order period and I'm planning to get Rocket boy new wedding Futanari as well not missing it .I would buy all of Ban's Futanari that come out ,it's a dream come true to get all these Ban women ,I'm very happy with it
Vor 21 Tagen
She better have the biggest peen yet.
Vor 22 Tagen
plz don't make a penis part
Vor 24 Tagen
Those amazing legs. <3 I really hope the sculpt captures the length of them well.
Vor 25 Tagen
Wow,she is so hot and gorgeous, sexy pose.gonna buy it for sure. ♡
Vor 25 Tagen
Well, this is making me hot for teacher!
Vor 27 Tagen
agmar (Vor 27 Tagen) #31150089Finally a good BAN figure that is not futa!!!!
Vor 27 Tagen
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123585 items, Rare/Limited/Exclusive, Since 2007


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