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Mabell Original Miniature Model Series - Portable Toilet - 1/12 - TU-R1W (Kaitendoh)Mabell Original Miniature Model Series - Portable Toilet - 1/12 - TU-R1W (Kaitendoh)

Mabell Original Miniature Model Series - Portable Toilet - 1/12 - TU-R1W (Kaitendoh)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
1/12  H=245mm (9.56in, 1:1=2.94m)
Erscheinungs Datum
11/2017 As Standard
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...So our figures can experience the hell of a port-a-loo?
Vor 1 Jahr
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Having received mine, I can say that this miniature model is pretty massive. :O And very justified, too. Otherwise, I don't think some figures could fit in this in terms of height. XD
It already comes assembled, so no need to worry about building it yourself. The door swings on its hinges and can open about an angle of 120º before coming to a stop. It's kinda loose, so I wouldn't recommend applying too much pressure when opening it multiple times. The toilet seat works as designed, a side wall along with the door and roof can be removed for easier access when handling figures, and that's pretty much it. No extras and nothing to swap.
Detail-wise, it's very simple. There are gaps in the vents which, when placed in the right lighting, is a nice little detail. Although this only applies to the side vents. The tiny vent on the door is flat plastic, unfortunately.

Overall: It's awesome! Good for both the usual usage and the lewd type of usage! XD Although, trying to cram two Figma-type figures so they can make sweet dokidokis in this thing may be a bit of a challenge. >_>
Vor 1 Jahr
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Toilets and trains seem to be so popular (in 1/12 scale at least) that the train toilet should naturally be the next step for the Japanese accessories' makers. Now, when do we see that combo bestseller?
Vor 1 Jahr
The more 1/12 accessories the merrier.
Vor 1 Jahr
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