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Metal Gear Solid - Cyborg Ninja - 1/6 (Gecco, Mamegyorai)Metal Gear Solid - Cyborg Ninja - 1/6 (Gecco, Mamegyorai)

Metal Gear Solid - Cyborg Ninja - 1/6 (Gecco, Mamegyorai)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
1/6  H=320mm (12.48in, 1:1=1.92m)
Erscheinungs Datum
02/27/2019 As Standard



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Finally arrived in my mail today and as usual Gecco doesn't disappoint at all. It's an amazing beast, perfect sculpt, colors, everything. The spare ammunitions for the hand cannon have magnets that allow them to stay in position on his belt with no joints or slots, and remain surprisingly firm in place. Simply great. The white LED kinda baffled me at first since I expected an orange-yellow one, but when I realized that it allows to partially see through the visor's lenses and glimpse at his eyes I was astounded. It's a great, subtle effect that you just don't see often.

My only complaints are about the hand holding the sword, which doesn't offer much grip and tends to let the sword fall off, as well as the tricky joints for the interchangeable arm and head. I don't know if it's some kind of defect but they're very hard to wedge in and remove, to the point that I seriously risked to break the visor on the exposed face's head when I was trying to remove it. Caution is advised when dealing with it.

If it wasn't for these annoyances, I'd give it a 10/10. It's an exquisite work of design.
Vor 1 Monat
Shipped today, can't wait for it!
Vor 1 Monat
Delayed to February: gecco.co.jp/new...
Vor 2 Monaten
Available for pre-order @ GoodsRepublic
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GetterDragon (Vor 5 Monaten) #42383632It didn't show up in NY after all. Any other place to order that also can undervalue?

Ny usually don`t have new Gecco figures.
But this one is on:
SolarisJapan - solarisjapan.co...

But You have to pay upfront :/
I would wait in your place. Mgs Gecco figures from what I saw don`t sold out so quickly. Old Snake was available long time after release.
Vor 5 Monaten
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