Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch - Kouzuki Kallen (Mizugi Tengoku)Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch - Kouzuki Kallen (Mizugi Tengoku)¥ Kaufen¥ Kaufen

Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch - Kouzuki Kallen (Mizugi Tengoku)
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2009 As Limited
02/2008 As Limited
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Hmm... you're probably right.
They don't fall under Limited + Exclusive, but I think they fall under Limited rather than Exclusive.

Definition from FAQS:
Limited - when a limited number of pieces are available, limited color edition, you can only get it for a limited time, or it is only available at a convention.

Since these kits are only sold at conventions, they clearly fall under limited. I guess I'll change all of them to limited then.
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If she was re-released she can't be limited, actually harly she can be an exclusive because exclusives also can't be re-released.
Exlusions can be counted K-on figures from KyoAni because they have shipments, they are not actually re-releases, it's just hard to release many in one day, so they devide them into shipments, so actually it's one release, not much time passes from 1-st till 4-th for example.
Another exlusions are such as Saber Lily Golden Caliburn, only 100 or 200 or just simply few of 2000 were made for Winter Wonderfest (correct me if i am wrong and it was another event, since there are lots of them i can be mistaken) and the rest left from 2000 were released in August if i remember correctly, so it's also can't be considered re-release or so it's just shipment or so, they announced 2000 copies (Limited) and released 2000 in the same year, first bunch was made in a hurry for event and other were also mail orders only for Japan, so all conditions apply for limited and exclusive.
Limited mostly means that figure has a limited number of copies it's generally accepted, but also limited could mean that figure is sold during a limited period time (during event).

Also look this was an exclusive (actually she wasn't linited at all until another figure was released and they renamed it, making this one "limited", also Miyazawa ver. often made and called in their versions limited since they have another color variant, but they have same quanity as normal release and they are sold in every single shop, everywhere so she isn't actually "limited" just ver. called Miyazawa Limited so doesn't make her really one =)) ) figure/18918_ha... as you can see she was an exclusive so it couln't be re-released, so they release tadaah: figure/18918_ha... find 10 differences =)) i'll give you a hint look at her weapon ^^.
Same here: figure/6427_san... Hobby Japan magazine mail order exclusive -> figure/52699_sa... ver. 2
find 10 differences =)) i'll give you a hint look at her face ^^. As you can see they couldn't re-release an exclusive so they made almost the same figure calling her Ver. 2! Very low of them btw.

You can find these definitions in tsukiboard vocabluary etc

If you are not sure when it was sold or how many copies were exactly made it's better to leave the field: Run - unknown .

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