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Selling the entire set including the secret figure of Ciel in the pink dress. $50 shipping from the US. Buyer pays shipping. PM if interested!
Vor 22 Tagen
THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
selling mine: CLASSIFIED #179944
Vor 1 Jahr
Selling him for 10€. Shipping from Germany.
One foot peg is broken, but it doesn't affect him or his standing.
Vor 1 Jahr
croquinox ミ( ^ㅅ^ ❀ )彡
sold :)
Vor 5 Jahren
SELLING HERE BOTH CIEL AND SEBASTIAN. ORIGINAL, no box, NO BASES, but they stand up perfectly even without base! Except then that, they are in perfect condition! Price negotiable. Pm me for questions. -> SALE #65693
Vor 5 Jahren
interesting in buying one, if anyone selling ,please let me know
Vor 6 Jahren
neptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
Selling Mine! PM for details!
Vor 7 Jahren
I really wonder how you can tell if he's bootleg or not...

I found him at a con, and this booths' other items were reliable, but the first time I went and asked how much he was, he was TEENY tiny and they wanted $20. I was like "hell no?!!!" But i came back the next day and they had a regular size version that I agreed to pay $18 for.
Don't think he's counterfeit... he's very pretty, but I just want to make sure.
Vor 8 Jahren
PM if selling! <3
Vor 8 Jahren
I consider selling the full set (Ciel, Trap!Ciel, Sebastian, Lau, Grell, Madame Red) for 50,00€ + shipping. I'll only ship within Europe (I'm from Germany). They come without boxes! PM if interested.
Vor 8 Jahren
Import from Japan


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