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Hunter x Hunter - Kurapika - HG Series (Bandai)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
H=135mm (5.27in)
Erscheinungs Datum
07/19/2016 As Limited + Exclusive



Height is measured with base.

Orders via Premium Bandai can be placed between the 31st March 2016 at 11:00JST to the 6th May 2016 at 23:00JST.


When this figure was announced they said that there were supposedly going to reprint Gon-San and Biscuit figures.. Does anyone know anything else about this supposed re-releases??
Vor 4 Jahren
Now with the manga chapters is back on track, I hope to see more HxH figures.
Vor 4 Jahren
It seriously pains me to pass him up, but I just can't get over that dead trout face--even after taking a few days to think it over orz

I'll never get a good figure of Kurapika in his Yorkshin outfit...! I don't like the Banpresto one either (because of the hair) and the figma has bad coloring on mine :/
Vor 4 Jahren
Ugh, will anyone ever make decent HxH figures???
Vor 4 Jahren
That jawline.... :/

AvewVor 4 Jahren#8015282
Waiiit i think the chains are just painted on for the photo it does not even come with the chains sigh :(

The premium bandai page says there is an interchanging wrist piece, so I'm guessing that's the chain hand. Though in the pic it looks like bad photoshopping.
Vor 4 Jahren
The mouth is bothering the hell outta me.
Sorry but yeah, I like my banpresto one better.

The light is freakin sick tho.
Vor 4 Jahren
biginjap.com/en... BiJ has him.
Vor 4 Jahren
AvewVor 4 Jahren#8015282ughhh his face is just bad... and those chains look weird. Its cool that the eyes light up though... but still. (N) I'm prob gonna pass since I already have both DFX versions which look just as good if not better
Waiiit i think the chains are just painted on for the photo it does not even come with the chains sigh :(
Although he has nice shading and the pose is cool 2.

The chains look terrible and probably ARE drawn on (like the red eyes), but I highly doubt they'd show them in a photo if he didn't come with them. They're probably an optional hand.
Vor 4 Jahren
His face is hideous.... How could they do this to my son?
Vor 4 Jahren
Ok I'm ordering the shit out of this.
Vor 4 Jahren
Bringing the hobby to your door.


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